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~ Meet Naomi ~ 

Naomi has been a licensed massage therapist since 2013.   She had wanted to be a massage therapist since she was little.  Naomi received her Associates in Applied Science in Massage Therapy with honors from Globe University in Moorhead, MN.  Naomi has a passion for learning and continues to learn through continuing education, conferences, her clientele, and other massage therapists.  

Over the past eight years Naomi has worked with many types of clients.  The main population she sees focuses on medical massage.  Whether it's chronic pain, motor vehicle accidents, headaches/migraines, post-surgery, or deep muscle pain, she has helped.  Naomi has also seen kids and geriatric.  

In her spare time Naomi enjoys spending her time with her family, including three children and two fur children.  She also enjoys participating in barrel racing, horse play days, and hiking.

Your Health Matters

We use our vehicles almost daily.  We do maintenance oil changes, routine tire rotations, and more to ensure they are functioning properly.  The same should go for your body!  We use our bodies everyday.  The wear and tear we can experience from manual labor, sports, or stress is just as vital to address.  Massage can help you maintain your health and wellness.

What our customers are saying

I cannot praise Naomi enough.  Right away she identified what my main concerns were and gave me a few options to move forward with my massage.  She was direct about how the massage would feel and what I could expect.  She offered cupping and I was so glad I did it!  I think she was able to see that talking was a way to help through the pain and she was more than willing to have a conversation with me.  I will definitely be back and recommending this place to everyone! Thank you again, Naomi!

Sara S.

"She is amazing at what she does and takes time to listen to clients.  All in all 10/10!"

Johnathan P.

Martial Artist

"I am so blessed that when I get a killer headache that is pounding and causing me to feel nauseated, that I have several experts that I can call on to help me out.  Thanks so much Naomi for fitting me in and killing that horrible headache!  I feel amazing now!"

Amanda S.

Massage Therapist

"Naomi was very good.  She used cupping and active stretching to try to help me out.  She far exceeded my expectations and I will be back!"

Jamie M.

Motor Vehicle Accident

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